Health Benefits

  • Its not obvious that when we introduce a new member of the family he/she becomes an explorer of their surroundings. Its been proven that 80% of babies who crawl have stumbled their face on the rug or carpet.

  • Increasing the air quality in your home where you spend more than 50% of your time can be very detrimental. 

  • If the biological contaminants that our body tries to push out aren't being fully ejected or are being re-introduced back into our bodies, our bodies are going to have to work extra hard to push these contaminants back out. In some cases, not all contaminants are expelled.

  • It has been proven that a better quality sleep can give you more energy in the morning. Here's why:

    • You maintain your rem sleep longer 
    • Your sleep isn't interrupted by pathogens or allergens
    • Your body is able to fall asleep faster